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Gear Ratios Conversion Table

Additional Photos

assembled kit

The conversion installed in a Triumph chassis

transmission assemble

Transmission Assembly

Radiator Support Brackets

These attractive machined aluminum support brackets are designed to fit all Triumph TR250-TR6 sports cars from 1968-1976. They replace the existing flat metal supports and bolt right on to the existing support hardware. Kit consists of two mirror image brackets and is a nice way to smarten up your engine compartment.
Price: $38.00 | Order

Battery Bar Holder

Price: $40 | Order

battery bar holdeer

The battery bar-holder is an attractive alternative to the standard battery fixture in all models of Triumph.


Clutch Disc

Price: $ 115.00 | Order


Hydraulic Throw out Bearing

Price: $209.00 | Order


Speedometer Cable

Price: $ 90.00 | Order


High Performance Clutch Kit

Price: $275.00 | Order


Bent Finger Pressure Plate

Price: $130.00 | Order