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Installing the HVDA 5 speed conversion kit was one of the best upgrades I've done to my 1975 TR6. It's a 100% complete kit with exceptionally high quality components and requires no modifications to your car at all. It also comes with outstanding customer support i.e. in the name of Herman van den Akker himself.
Bob Danielson

If you want your Triumph to keep up with a Kia or a Maita on the highway, you will definitely want a HVDA five speed conversion. It is the best.

I have had the HVDA Conversion in my TR6 since 2001. I can tell you that was the best improvement that I have made on my TR6.

I can say one thing about this conversion, Herman worked very hard and for a very long time coming up with this kit. The early TR's use a different mounting for the transmission then the later TR's, which Herman had to design and engineer. I want to thank Herman & Helena for all the time and effort that it took to develop this kit.

The Triumph club members that have this kit installed on there TR's are grateful for making our TR's more reliable and road worthy.

Herman was very diligent and committed to develop this kit, and all Triumph entthusiast that have or are thinking of installing this kit should be grateful for all the work put into the development and engineering of this conversion.
Abel Miramon 1969 TR6.

Hi Herman wanted to drop you a note, did a 200 mile drive last Saturday and the trans conversion was great, very happy the results.
Jim Dillow

Hi Herman
I installed the kit and transmission 2 weeks ago and have driven 600 miles since. I am very satisfied with this change. Specially the clutch bearing works very smoothly. It is the best improvement made to my TR6. Your instructions are very clear. All that is left to do is to calibrate the speedometer.

Francois Gay

Hi Herman
It has been almost a year since you and I communicated about my TR6 gearbox conversion. Unfortunately some personal matters and a very cold winter distracted me from the project, however I am pleased to say that over the course of the past few weeks
I recommenced work on the car and have finished up. The TR6 is on the road. If you recall, I have installed the Moss Motors supercharger, your Toyota gearbox conversion complete with the hydraulic throw out bearing, and an Ansa free flow exhaust.

I must say the combination of the above has transformed the car. It pulls a bit like my 63 E type (like a train), the gear shifts are super slick and the car makes a glorious bellow as it winds out. Your gear box conversion came with good instructions, went together easily with no problems whatsoever, and is a wonderful upgrade. I have not had the car on the highway yet but I can see that 5th gear, even around town, is a big improvement over the original 4th gear.

So thanks for your help and perseverance at chasing down the pressure plate.
Steve Clark

Dear Herman
I just wanted to say thank you for your help and support with the transmission conversion in our TR6. I was able to complete the mechanical work by Saturday (4th) and finished the interior and road test on the 11th. The new set up feels much smoother, and the Toyota gearbox is quieter than the original unit! We are very pleased with the result.

Robert Scott

Dear Herman
We are so happy with the 5 speed conversion. To be very honest my wife like car rides below 45 mph. We live very near to the Amish country in PA. Many of the rides we take are local to our area and the occasion to use 5th gear is not very often. I probably have 2000 miles on the car since the conversion and am glad I had it done.

Chris Mennone

I received the box with all the beautiful parts. The new pilot bushing is a work of art. YOu are amazing. It fits like the other parts were machined around it. I can't thank you enough.

All I can say is this is great!!! The rest of the assembly was a piece of cake. Exactly as you described it. I finished Thursday afternoon and haven't had a moment to go near it again till this morning. The new tranny is quiet and solid. Shifts are very precise, took a little getting used to compared to the old worn TR box. The clutch pedal action is terrific, I actually like it much better than stock. I had to shorten the bolt by 1/4" and adjust from there. What could be better than 60mph @ 2,400 rpm? Today was beautiful, sunny and around 60 deg's. I hooked up the back up lights and took a 40 mile test drive then came back and picked up Marcy and cruised for the next 3 hours. Thank you for such a great product.
Mitch Seff

I greatly appreciate your work and effort on my behalf; you are a true treasure of the hobby.
Charlie Arp

So far so good. Followed the directions sent with the transmission conversion kit. Took the TR6 out for a drive. Clutch works great using your measurement system. Thanks again for developing and putting together such a great product. This is what keeps the Triumph movement alive. It's always great to see people such as yourself who have the ability to come up with such great ideas and get them out to us, the triumph enthusiast. Keep up the good work.
Doug Trapp

I just wanted to let you know that I got my TR4 back today and it runs like a dream.
Bill Schniedewind

Just a quick note to let you know that the conversion on my TR3A was completed last Saturday and everything works beautifully. I put about 50 very chilly (we're in Ohio) miles on the car driving it to it's winter storage location and it shifted perfectly with much improved high speed cruising capabilities.
Jeff Homans